Community Repair Exhibit

This is a repost from May, but it was a great event (I may not have felt that way while planning it though) that put out some great stuff.

This last term at LCF my course, MA Fashion and the Environment, worked with Otto von Busch on a project called ‘Community Repair: Strategic Social Skill Mobilization for Sustainable Fashion.’ It was a great project centered around the impact garment repair can have on a community. Each of the 14 of us in the class sought out unique participants from our neighborhoods to help us repair a garment that we had worn and loved.  From lawyers, hat makers, and shoe makers to passengers on a Eurostar train, every participant had their own story and own reason for taking part in this project. In the end we were asked what impact this repair has had on our emotional attachment to the garment, but also the emotional attachment to our communities and ourselves.

I was in awe of the varied outcomes and, along with others in my class, believed this project was worth sharing.  After my boss at Foundation Agency generously offered me their showroom space to use for an exhibit I got to work on setting up a pop-up gallery.  I had no idea the time and dedication it would take to pull this off, but in the end it was worth it to share this story with the wider London Community.  I was lucky to have the help of a couple course-mates in sorting out the displays and the catering so that it all pulled together seamlessly. In the end I learned that hosting a pop-up gallery, even if you get help from others, will demand a lot of the host… 5 hours sleep per night, $15 bus fare in 3 days running around to get the exhibit opened, closed, and set up, not to mention the constant communication to explain to 13 other people what theyshould be doing to help out. But it did look good.




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