I’m back!

I apologize that it has been so long since I have posted… woops! I have had so much going on that all of the sudden it is July and I don’t know what has happened. June was a busy and productive month though! I have been learning how to create a website and what is the best way to do it. I learned a little about using a basic text editor, then I made a website in flash but then I decided it is easiest to use the free templates that exist out in the world. Quite the progression! I am very glad I learned so much about flash sites and will be using it more in the future, but for now I am testing out wix.com. I used this to launch The Flourish Approach website and am happy with it. It needs a lot of editing, but I wanted information out there for everyone to see NOW! Please check it out! www.theflourishapproach.com. If you aren’t familiar with The Flourish Approach it is a research project being done as a part of the London College of Fashion and MA Fashion and the Environment. I am very excited about it as I think it is going to be a great way to culminate my 5 years of education and research.On top of The Flourish Approach I have also decided it is about time I launch my own website. A portfolio/blog type interface where I can link this blog, my fashion blog, and have my portfolio all in one place. Of course, as is typically with me I just can’t decide how I want it to look. I made the site and was over half done with it before I decided I don’t think I am happy with my design scheme; to graphic design and not fashion enough. Looks like I will be redoing that as well… I will let you all know when it is up and running though!!

When not working on The Flourish Approach or my website I have also started back up working at Foundation Agency where I work as a part-time Wholesale Agent. It feels great to be back at work! I hadn’t been in for a while and I realized how nice it is to be back there. I am reping some AMAZING brands that I hope everyone checks out.

Haaning and Htoon www.haaningandhtoon.com
Borders and Frontiers (website hasn’t launched but there is a great feature in i-D!) http://i-donline.com/2011/05/i-sustain-borders-frontiers/
Camilla Noorback http://www.camillanorrback.com/

Something that has been on my mind and I may soon expose you all to… it is getting quite confusing/annoying that I keep switching from American to British spelling. I apologize (or apologise) for the slip ups here since I try to keep this in American English… but what should I do for my website?? I have been thinking British English since I do live here now… but any of my previous work that can be viewed will be American English. Hmmm… decisions.

Oh yeah, I also went to Ireland for the first time last month. What fun! I stayed with a friend in Dublin and loved it, if only I hadn’t lost my voice the morning I arrived. 😦

Crazy stuff… okay, back to work.


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