A Marathon or THE Marathon?

For years I have been saying I want to run a marathon. Some day.

I looked into a few in the past, but life always got in the way and other things seemed like a better use of my time. Plus, they were never that intriguing. I mean, why pay a bunch of money to run around a city I can run around anyday of the week just to make it official? But I can put that aside because it is something I just want to do.

Well, a few years ago I wanted to go skydiving. I didn’t just want to go anywhere though, I wanted to go balls out (I looked up that term by the way and will explain it later);I wanted to skydive someplace awesome, so I went in the Swiss Alps. And it was absolutely amazing. 100% worth it.  So, since ‘life’ keeps stopping me from really doing this, I have decided that once again, I need to go balls out. me.

November 13th, 2011 I will be running the original marathon, the reason the name exists, from Athens to Marathon, Greece.

If you don’t know the history you should look it up, very interesting. Oh, and it is 114 days away – perfect timing since the training plan consist of 112 days!

And as promised, ‘the possible etymology of Ball Out: The original phrase is actually hinted to in the expression “with a full head of steam”. In the earliest days of steam engines, Watt style engines and their successors used a centrifugal governor to control speed. The faster the engine was to run the higher the weighted balls on the governor would rise until at full speed they were at their highest and farthest reach from the center: high or full speed was known as running “balls out”.’


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