Fashioning the Future and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion

As some of you know, I have been very excited about the research venture I am currently working on, The Flourish Approach.  Although it is a lot of work and has a long way to go before we will be happy with the outcome, it is a great concept and off to a great start (thank you to everyone who is taking part!). While some days Sarah and I worry that we believe it is capable of more than it really is, we always just push forward in hopes it will grow to full fruition. Well, I can’t say what will happen at the end of its first stage this December, but I am very optimistic.  Today we got word that we have been shortlisted for Fashioning the Future 2011. Now, as some of you may know I have been shortlisted for this award before, but this time I feel like it means so much more.  It is the first time we have put the concept out there in front of non-biased peers and experts just in hopes they will ‘get it’. Well, I hope this means they get it!

I hope you all keep up on what is happening with The Flourish Approach!


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