First photos of The Flourish Approach now posted in ‘Styling’!

The Flourish Approach was shortlisted for this years ‘Fashioning the Future’ competition in London. My co-founder, Sarah, and I have obviously been very excited about this but have also recognised it as that little push we really needed to get things done. Although we have spent months planning out the garments that will be featured in our first collection we hadn’t actually created any final products. We had toils which we could look at and get a feel for, but we needed the real thing! Well, Sarah put in long hours to make sure our garment got done by the Sept. 1 deadline and I worked on a presskit, marketing materials, and organising a photoshoot to display our one garment. It may seem like a lot to plan a full day shoot around a single product, but I did and man oh man was it worth it! The garment looked great but it is even better to have pictures of it to show people! So, please check out the photos and tell me what you think! They are below but also in the ‘Styling’ section of my portfolio and will soon be on!

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