Pure – Komodo

Since January I have been lucky to be working at Foundation, a fashion PR and Wholesale company that focuses on ethical and environmental fashion. It is a small company with great people that I truly enjoy, and is also an entirely different experience to anything I am used to in the US.  I have been working hard this season to convey to retailers how great some of these brands are and what they could do for their shops, but of course it can be a challenge to show them what I really think versus what is just ‘selling’. None the less, I have learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Although who would have thought that after growing up with two parents in sales I would still have so much to learn? Well, anyway, part of the sales I do is working at the UKs big trade show, Pure. The brand I have worked with the last two seasons isn’t one I directly represent but a well-known one that we really enjoy working with at the agency. The brand is Komodo, a well-known brand in Britain selling eco fashion (although one I had admittedly never heard of in the US). Anyway, I enjoy working the trade shows but still can not explain how standing at a booth from 9AM-6PM for 3 days can be so exhausting. At least it is a pretty booth in a good location though!


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