Preparing for ‘the’ Marathon

On Monday I ran the farthest I have ever ran in my life. In just over a month I will nearly double that distance and run from Marathon to Athens, Greece. That is MENTAL.

I ran 14 miles Monday, from my home in Dulwich to my school at Oxford Circus and home again. It was tough, but I was so set on finishing the run that I was going really strong for the first 7 miles and was excited to look in the store windows as I ran by shops in central London, then I was pretty strong up to 10 miles, but I got tired at that point. I told myself to keep going and at 12 I realized I had never ran that far before so I really pushed myself for the last two. I was breathing really heavy and a little embarrassed as I ran by people and looked like I was having a tough time while not going very fast, but hey, I am training for a marathon! I don’t even know what my time was because I restarted my watch half way to give myself a fresh start and never looked at the time. I thought about going back now and checking it out since my watch saves past runs, but I know it wasn’t anything amazing and I don’t want to let it get me down. Finishing each run and being happy with myself is my goal.

I don’t think this training would be possible if my husband hadn’t bought me an amazing GPS watch for Christmas. He had gotten one from his parents to use when he cycled, but then he saw a returned one that was missing its charger so only cost $50 at REI. He wasn’t sure if I would use it, but he bought it for me anyway because it was such a great deal who could say no? Well, I think having that watch is one of the reasons I agreed to this marathon. It makes it so easy! It tracks my distance and time, averages my per-mile speed, and if I wanted I could plug it into their website and see my path! Pretty awesome if you ask me. The only thing it doesn’t do is run for me…

I have never been a runner, but I like to run on occasion. Does that make sense? I am not ‘good’ at running, I am pretty slow and my knees have a tendency to hurt (although I never noticed that until I started training for a marathon). I mainly just run because I love being outside in the summer and it is something to do to enjoy a nice day. But, as you may realize, that means I only really run in the summers. And even that goes in spurts. I really enjoy swimming so I typically spend a few weeks where my exercise is swimming followed with a few weeks where I run, and then switch back.  I know this isn’t the way I should do it though and in the future will try and even it out a bit, but it is just the way I work. Now though it has been all running all the time. I can’t believe my marathon is in just over a month… I have a long way to go but am super thankful for Runner’s World’s ‘Beginner’s Marathon Training Plan’!

I think that in the month after this marathon I am just going to swim all the time. It will be nice and easy on my joints and at least I have always been pretty decent at swimming…


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