Topshop Tumblr Debut

Well, I will be completely honest. I do NOT think this is the most flattering photo of me. But, that is my own fault a bit, unless I have a mirror I never know the best way to pose for a photo. Any tips? How does one look the RIGHT amount of posed? Also must mention, it might be one of my more boring outfits… what does it matter though? It’s Topshop and I love it!


What do I love most about my Topshop Tumblr debut though? The close up of my necklace!! Jewelry is probably my favorite bit of fashion. Costume, Statement, Vintage – AMAZING in necklaces. Anyhow, as I said, I like that they noticed my necklace. 🙂


Check out the Tumblr, they do post some great photos.

They also have some pics of the new Louise Gray collection thats pretty awesome. There are some sequin smily face trousers that I seriously want…


2 thoughts on “Topshop Tumblr Debut

  1. Hiya Danielle, just came to check out freshly pressed and your lovely face was the first thing I saw :), great post, will be following you. Are you going to come to our launch event? Z&R

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