Decree of 2013 – not because it is New Years but because…

Decree of 2013

Things I will consider doing in 2013 NOT because it is New Years and I want to make resolutions but because I just quite my job, am moving back to America and would rather think about ‘life improvements’ than packing.

1)   Get a job but not just any job, pursue my career goals.

2)   Save more money! Seriously, 401k, South America Fund AND a rainy day account sounds like a good idea to me…

3)   See my family more.

4)   Take risks, have an adventure. Sky diving again? Bungee jumping? Just keep living.

5)   Read more business biographies and economic books. I haven’t for a while and need to get back on top of it.

6)   Blog.

7)   Drink less diet coke (Hopefully with moving to America that doesn’t just mean switch back to Mt Dew…).

8)   Drink less alcohol.

9)   A healthy diet. Continue eating real food once back in America even if it may be harder to find or cost more, its worth it.

10) Sign up for another ½ Marathon and keep on training.

11)  And heck, just for good measure, at some point I should really use my French Rosetta Stone…


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