Happy New Year! – A holiday letter from Danielle.

Hi All,

I wanted to send out a Christmas or New Year letter this year, but in the modern age (and with high international postage rates) I thought it better to publish my letter online.  There are so many of you; family, friends and colleagues that I simply don’t get to speak to enough. I wanted to say here though, I am thinking of you all and hoping for the best for you in 2013.

In my mother’s tradition, we write a 1-page Christmas letter each year recapping what has happened in our family, the main guideline for this letter being “Keep it brief!” As I sat down to write though, I realized too much has happened to pick out the best and keep it to a page, so instead I made a list of highlights.

Before you read my list of 2012 highlights, I want to share with you that 2013 is bound to be a year of change for Nick and me. For starters, we have both quit our jobs and will be moving back to the USA in less than a month yet still haven’t decided what city (although the initial plan is NYC with LA as a contender). With our impending move, people have asked if this means Nick and I will find a place we would be happy to settle down.  I must say no, in fact, I am not sure when ‘settling down’ will become a phrase used in our household.  But, we are looking to return to an American balance of life. I am exciting to be able to throw myself into work, spend time with family and friends, and plan for Nick and my next adventure. Nick is ready for a change of pace that may allow him a hobby or two (and in his dreams – a dog). So, as we enter a new phase of our life this year more than many, I thought I would take the time to highlight all the great things from the last year.

On that note, carpe diem and enjoy 2013.

Happy Holidays,



Highlights of 2012

1)   Getting a flat tire, lost in the desert and then chased by a pack of wild dogs in Jordan. All in a days work…

2)   Rejoining the real world after completing my masters and going to work at Topshop.

3)   Flying to Vegas (21 hours door to door) for an impromptu weekend to see my parents new house. Worth it.

4)   Meeting my niece, Eden Vissers.

5)   Running a ½ Marathon. I liked it a lot better than the full marathon of 2011.

6)   Road-tripping around Lake Geneva.

7)   Discovering I really like Belgian beer.

8)   Going to Norway for a dear friends 30th Birthday AND jumping into the FREEZING fjord. When else can I swim in a fjord?

9)   Going to the London 2012 Olympics – Team USA basketball was definitely my favorite to watch.

10)  Road tripping to Scotland and back with the Testas. It was a wonderful trip and a great way to see the British and Scottish countryside.

11)   Paris – returning for Bastille Day and then again to climb the Eiffel Tower with Nicole Burg (on a sprained ankle – Also worth it).

12)  Having a swing in our hotel room in Tel Aviv (with 4 of us there it was like grown-up recess).

13)  Running down a sand dune in the Wadi Rum Desert.

14)  Discovering good lip color – Chanel (obvs) and Smashbox lip stain (sorry – had to throw it in there!)

15)  Everyday life. Taking advantage of all the great things to see in London and England (Seeing the Crown Jewels, my favorite V&A museum, Riding the Emirate AirLine, NYE by Big Ben, Queuing Wimbledon, Bath, Stonehenge, etc.), traveling (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Brussels, Norway, Scotland, Paris, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman, Dead Sea), baking (or trying), making new friends and spending time with old friends.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! – A holiday letter from Danielle.

  1. wow! You have lived more i one year than most of us live in a lifetime! It is awesome that you and Nick are able to have these experiences; and knowing the two of you, this IS only the beginning. Happy New Year!

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