Dungarees, Overalls, Pinafores and anything else with a bib.

Last year Topshop created a pinafore trouser that I loved. Followed by a pinafore playsuit and an array of dungarees (overalls in America). Since I have started seeing them I have loved them but been unable to wear them. You see, at 6’2 I am a bit tall for overalls cut for someone who is 5’4. I have spent the last months scavenging thrift stores and goodwills looking for anything that will suffice, but nothing is quite right AND fits. The worst part is I HAD a pinafore playsuit but I thought I could improve it and cut it in pieces but never finished putting it back together. (I may have to get on putting that back together…)

I think I am feeling for the pinafore dresses and leather and formal dungarees more than your classic overalls. Thoughts?

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 10.58.40 PM

Also looks great in corduroy!


Traditional Overalls / Dungarees

dungarees 00c67a2085c884f7af580b380234bc3d dungaree shorts 920c8d35c75390b84112ab3309e8476e

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.02.34 PM


Leather Dungarees and Pinafore Dresses

leather dungarees black leather pinafore skirt  leather dungarees Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.26.45 AM

My only just barely captured photo in my pinafore playsuit before I cut it up. Yet to be seen if I will put it back together again… (Far right just barely in the photo!!)




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