How long can I go without shopping?

Since moving to LA I have had to re-buy a lot of things that didn’t make the move from London. This includes hangers… lots of hangers, in fact, my husband has kept track and discovered that I have enough hangers to prove I could easily go a year with out wearing the same thing twice. I am actually okay with this, fashion is my hobby and my job so it consumes a lot of my life in a way I am happy with. Today I started to wonder though, am I letting my access to fashion limit my creativity where clothing is concerned? It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to wear something just because its new. With so much clothing that I bought because “I love it and feel it is timeless!”, shouldn’t I have plenty to suffice at least some amount of time? Now, I will give myself some credit that A LOT of my recent shopping trips have been to thrift stores to find goodies to remake, but still, I hear it in my own voice, “excuses, excuses, excuses.” I have friends who have done the 365-day challenge and gone a year without shopping but I honestly don’t think I could do it. I don’t think it enters the realm of possibilities. What I can do though is begin to hold myself accountable, accountable to be inspired by concepts, be inspired by combinations, NOT simply to be inspired by something new and shiny.

So here is the question. How far through my closet can I make it before giving in and buying new?

** Below pic is not my closet (although I WISH my husband would let it be)



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