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My Two-Cents on Health Care

I excitedly await the day when medical operations are no longer dangerous or reliant on medical training and expertise, when diagnose will be simple – not the factor of having an inquisitive and ambitious doctor to narrow down the many possibilities to the single truth that needs attention; but the body is still a great … Continue reading

Midi rings + initials

I have been noticing a lot of midi rigs on blogs lately and felt I really needed one. Okay, wanted one, same difference. Anyway, I saw this initial one on Topshop for only $10 and thought it couldn’t be more perfect. Plus, I love the description. “The lady “D” thrives on success although she can … Continue reading

Monochrome outfits and reflective shades

I have been really wanting reflective sunglasses this summer. In a attempt at reducing the excess of my wardrobe though I have installed a monthly shopping budget for myself and reflective shades just haven’t made the cut. After checking out Paris Couture Fashion Week photos though I think I’m going to need to give in. … Continue reading

Happy 27th Birthday to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I loved Mary Kate and Ashely on Full House, in their subsequent tv show and in all their movies, mainly because I always tried to dress like them. Since growing up I love them even more as their style got even better and their fashion lines became some of my favorite. It isn’t just their … Continue reading

How long can I go without shopping?

Since moving to LA I have had to re-buy a lot of things that didn’t make the move from London. This includes hangers… lots of hangers, in fact, my husband has kept track and discovered that I have enough hangers to prove I could easily go a year with out wearing the same thing twice. I … Continue reading

Designer sale – how can I resist?

My favorite pre-order website is having a sale and I don’t know how to resist the urge to shop, such deals! If you aren’t a member of Moda Operandi I suggest you become one! Check out some of my favorite items in the sale.

All I want today is a good baseball cap and swimsuit.

After spending a great Memorial Day weekend in the sun I feel like I need some sweats and a nice hat to shield me from further sun (like the one below maybe?). I DID wear sunscreen but man can the heat drain you! Ready to curl up with a book and call it a day … Continue reading

Loving Topshop’s new festival campaign

This trend might be inspired by the British festival season, but i feel like its also great for a boho American spring/summer.

80’s style tassel and fringe tops is back and ready for your weekend on the lake

The fringing makes me a bit nostalgic for being a kids and wanting beads in my hair. I love it. The best thing though is this DIY video. forever 21 90’s kid DIY

In the mood for boyfriend jeans

I really like boyfriend jeans but feel like they need something special on top to really stand out. What do you think?