The fashion industry is constantly changing and adapting. An industry with a global reach and complex supply chain, it is one of the most impacted fields when it comes to globalisation and sustainability.  Reaching from couture to high-street there are a million ways it can adapt and change.  I believe that in order to survive we must make our business sustainable – able to endure.  There are many ways to approach this concept, but I believe the most important things for any fashion brand are a future-oriented (sustainable) business strategy, understanding and constant interaction with your customers, and conviction and ability to convey your beliefs.

To share these ideas in my personal work I have 3 sections to my portfolio.

SUSTAINABILITY. In the last several years I have worked on various projects and generated business plans for the growing and changing fashion environment.  Here are samples of the sustainability projects I have created.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION. Visual communication combined with a unique perspective and personal style to create visual artistry. Marketing and styling can be a way to sell but also a way to share your ideas. Included in this section is styling photos, animated videos, and graphic design work.

BUSINESS PLANNING. I have a deep interest in the workings of multi-national corporations and business strategy. Beyond keeping up-to-date with current economics and business books, I have also analyzed and created a variety of business plans and strategies that offer my perspective on corporate fashion.

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