NEW! The Flourish Approach 2.0, September 2011

You may remember my first animation for The Flourish Approach which I developed to present the business concept, but now that we have branding established I have created The Flourish Approach 2.0 animation. Many aspects are similar to the first video (accessible below), but it is updated to include garment sketches, final product, and producer images.

As the Business Director of the Flourish Approach part of my job is brand development and communication. In the process of developing a customisation tool for our garments I created this video preview to show customers how customisation would work.

The Flourish Approach, London College of Fashion MA Fashion and the Environment
Copyright Danielle Testa, 2011

The Flourish Approach is a design and business collaboration that looks at the knitwear (fashion) system from design to retail in order to create a new system that produces economic value through social and environmental well-being. The Flourish Approach starts from scratch with no status quo to answer the question: By re-thinking established systems within knitwear design and production, can we generate well-being for the consumer, producer and the environment, while creating value for the retailer?

Fashion Futures 2025, Forum for the Future and the London College of Fashion.
Copyright Danielle Testa, 2010

As a part of the MA Fashion and the Environment course, the London College of Fashion collaborated with the Forum for the Future to create ‘new technologies’ that could be utilised in the future under various conditions. This is ‘Slow is Beautiful’ – a situation where technology is prevelant but people have slowed down their lifestyles. Our idea of the C-AL (Carbon Allowance) System is one in which the government regulates carbon footprint but a fun and fashionable device is created so shopping can remain an enjoyable and easy experience.

Kolding Design Camp, Kolding Design School Denmark
Copyright Danielle Testa, 2010

In the fall of 2010 the Kolding Design School in Denmark hosted a group of students from around the world for two weeks as they developed ideas for the future of transportation. In intensive workshops lead by Ideo they established the needs of future transportation, one question being: how do we make people enjoy public transit? This group of Danish-American students addressed that specific question through the development of the Buskit.

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